BeamMed provides extensive consumables and disposables as mentioned in the detailed brochure below.

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Aero Med Stapler

Skin Graft Knife Blade

3 Way Stopcock

Extension Tubing with 3 Way Stopcock

Safe Cath All Silicon Folley Cather

Aero Med Endotracheal Tube

Aero Med Scalp Vein Set

JMS Hypo Allergic Surgical Tape – Medi Tape 300 Series

JMS Infusion Set Type 200

JMS Infusion Set Type 500

JMS Infusion Set Pediatric

JMS Infusion Set Buret

JMS Transfusion Set Type 5

JMS Transfusion Set Type Y

JMS Transfusion Set Type Buret

JMS Scalp Vein Set

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