Dialysis Centre Setup

About Dialysis

Dialysis is one of the first technological innovations of medicine,and the only treatment that allows a patient to live a long, productive life without an actual transplant. It is a procedure to remove waste and excess fluid from the blood in absence of proper kidney functioning. Currently more than 2.4 million people worldwide live on dialysis.


Opportunities for Dialysis Centers

In India, access to dialysis treatment has been restricted to few patients. Almost 200,000 new patients require the treatment, but less than 30% of patients suffering from kidney diseases actually receive it due to lack of access to dialysis centers and costs. But not anymore.

Now, access to cost-effective quality set-up with BeamMed can present an incredible opportunity for more patients to access this life-saving therapy.

India’s Demand for Dialysis - 31% (and rising)

Rise up to the demand with access to cost-effective equipment that requires Minimal manpower to operate, with BeamMed’s Turnkey Setup

BeamMed is specialized in the field of Turnkey Dialysis setup. We completed several Turnkey projects in African and Asian Countries in collaboration with our partner company, together we have installed more than 1000 dialysis machines. We successfully incorporated centers in Mumbai and Nairobi, Kenya and have a vision for having a chain of dialysis centers across the globe.

Our Scope Of Work

Dialysis Machine

Dialysis Chair

RO Plant



Setup Is Ready

Dialysis Equipments

Fresenius 4008S

Fresenius 4008H

Fresenius 4008S

Nikkiso DBB-27


Dialysis Chair

RO Plant

Bicart Mixture



Dialysis Consumables


Bloodline Tube

A V Fistula


Sterile Gloves

Heparin Sodium

Dialysis Fluid


Normal Saline

Iron Sucrose Inj.

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